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By simply drinking a pleasant-tasting cup of tea twice a day, you could:

  • Lose weight

  • Detoxify the body
    (removing parasites, toxins & chemicals)

  • Improve digestion and relieve constipation

  • Get your body in an alkaline condition

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Velocitea/Holy Tea: Based on a Medicinal Herb Called Holy Thistle
(More Commonly known as Milk Thistle)
This Amazing Cleansing Tea Has Been Used Successfully For Over 20 Years.

SYSTEMIC ENZYMES: The most powerful enzymes in the body are systemic.
The Whole Wellness Club PEAK Enzymes "Without" (taken "without" food) are far and away the most powerful and effective systemic enzymes on the market today! 


  1. Enzymes are destroyed through heat, so whenever you cook your food, you kill the enzymes. You only get enzymes from your food if you eat raw food.

  2. Raw grains, nuts, seeds, and beans contain enzyme-inhibitors. If they are germinated or properly soaked, the enzyme-inhibitors are neutralized.

  3. We have a limited enzyme production potential. In other words, we can not manufacture an unlimited supply of enzymes. The more our body is forced to make food enzymes (by eating cooked food), the less it makes metabolic enzymes.

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With The Whole Wellness Club you can find better health and create a real stay-at-home income.

All you have to do is share these wonderful products with others, and then encourage them and teach them to do the same.

Please take a few moments to explore this site and discover the wonderful benefits of taking the Peak Enzymes and drinking Holy Tea on a regular basis!

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